Friday, April 02, 2004

I have this past week run into a wall on my book. I had three different (but related) major story lines going on in 3 different countries - with 3 different time zones - all which would eventually merge. After a while, it became more and more difficult to keep them coordinated and my writing started going slower and slower and slower! So, over the past two days, I've been outlining the 3 different tracks on an Excel spreadsheet in order to make them integrate, forward the main story, and at the same time, build interest and tension. In essence, I've been forced to go into a more detailed outline of the novel because of the complexity introduced by three different tracks in three different countries. Once this more complex outline is done, I'll revise what I've already written into a tighter sequence of events that will increase the readers interest in what is going to happen next. More later!

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